- Where we do groceries and then order pizza when we get home.

THE GIRL WITH THE CURLY HAIR || S/O to @nzurianne for the inspiration || For pricing info email or DM
SMALL ELEPHANT JEWELRY BOX || On sale for info DM or email
AFRIKA #AlphaPhiAlpha ||  For info on how to get one made  of your own fraternity or sorority email or DM
Wow! So honored!  S/O to @_chinenyaaaa for getting my AFRIKHER piece inked on her!  Helps me see how much impact my art work has!! Thank you!
THE 10 CRACK COMMANDMENTS || Size : 12in x 36in || For pricing info email or DM
UNIVERSAL LOVE || 1ft x 1ft || For pricing info email or DM
MEDIATION EASE THE MIND AND BRINGS THE YOUTH || Size : 1ft || For inquires email or DM
As long as corporations are classified as people and their free speech is classified as money. Your vote doesn’t mean shit!

So  Navarro Community College in Dallas is banning African students from Nigeria because of Ebola. That’s funny because last time I heard Nigeria had eradicated Ebola from the country this month with no new cases. Yet in Texas can’t even handle it.  Shouldn’t they be banning students from Texas instead of from Nigeria?  Racist much?πŸΈπŸΈπŸΊπŸ΅πŸ·β˜•
WIFEY MATERIAL 2.5 || Size : 16 x 20 || DM or Email for pricing

The worst position to be found in when you by yourself chillin.

I don’t believe Bob Marley died from cancer 41 years ago I would of been a panther …. #RBG #DeadPrez #Propaganda