Started my morning kinda rough but a lil lover rock reggae and tea helped out!

I want to
Help warm her food
Watch KIDS with her
Give her orgasms
Make her a cup of tea
Kiss her neck while she writes her paper
Give her orgasms
Wake her up with a kiss
Have talks about being black in America
Chat about Marcus Garvey not being taught in schools
Try to take a nap
Give her orgasms
Let her know that it’s safe to accept my love
Just the two of us
In my room
All in one weekend
- (via citizins)

Black woman trust my words are real and true. I want to put your heart on to love, your ears on to Fela, your eyes on to Frida and your pussy on my face.
- (via citizins)

When a women’s fed up, everybody better move. If she dare let’s up, then she’s everybody’s fool.
- Devine Carama - “Cold Winter Night” (via citizins)


Don’t mind me looking extra slummy in the video lol. Just peep the technics